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The ACA Can Affect Your 2014 Tax Return

The Affordable Care Act can impact your 2014 taxes. Read on to learn how.

IRS Form 3115 and Small Business Owners

This 2014 tax change affects landlords and small business owners.

If I Have Unfiled Tax Returns, Can I Still Pursue a Permanent Solution On My Tax Liability?

If I Have Unfiled Tax Returns, Can I Still Pursue a Permanent Solution On My Tax Liability?   NO! The IRS is unwilling to resolve a liability for any taxpayer who is considered non-compliant with previous tax returns. Before attempting to work on finding a solution with the IRS, all previous unfiled tax returns must be filed. Once the tax returns have been filed, pursuit of a solution can begin. With our advanced tactics we can possibly get a temporary hold and solution in place and then finish the returns and complete the process with a final solutions.  But don't put off dealing with your tax problem any longer call us today for your Free Consultation!   For more information, visit our website at OR for a free consultation to get a better understanding on your particular case, click here and talk online with a Taxation Solutions representative now, make an appointment, or call 888-930-1016 toll free nationwide! Our team is available to take...

Fresh Start

Recently, the IRS formally adopted the Taxpayer Advocate’s proposal, to renew the focus on protecting the rights of taxpayers in all of their dealings with the IRS.  We have broken them down the top 10 rights you have as a taxpayer. 1. You have the Right to be informed meaning you will be sent letters. 2. The Right to Quality Service 3. The right to pay no More than the Correct Amount of tax 4. The Right to Challenge the IRS’s Position and be heard. 5. The Right to Appeal an IRS Decision in an Independent Forum 6. The Right to Finality which means The IRS generally has three years from the date your return was filed to assess the tax and ten years from the assessment date to collect unpaid taxes from you. 7. The Right to Privacy 8. The right to Confidentiality 9. The Right to Retain Representation You may select the attorney’s, CPA, or enrolled agent of Taxation Solutions to represent you against the IRS. Then IRS cannot require that you to talk to...

Make Filing a Top Priority

Do you have back taxes that need to be filed? Are you currently using what is called the “ostrich approach” and burying your head in the sand when it comes to resolving your back taxes? If so, you want to consider a few things before deciding to delay filing your back taxes: The IRS is the biggest and most powerful debt collector in the United States and can pursue you for repayment through various means, including penalties such as financial fines and the adding of interest, confiscating personal property, and liens on bank accounts, wage garnishment and the possibility of criminal prosecution! If you have back taxes that need to be filed, you should make filing them your number one priority! Contact us today for a free consultation (281) 891-3950 on how we can assist you with settling your back taxes with the IRS. 

Happy Houston Taxpayers!

We help Houston residents everyday with their IRS tax issues. Here are some testimonials​ from some Houstonians that needed our help with their back tax issue.

Bookkeeping Services for Truck Drivers

Taxation Solutions continues its support to helping truck drivers with their tax needs.

Taxation Solutions offer accpected by the IRS!

One of clients recently had their settlement offer accepted by the IRS!

Providing Help to Truck Drivers

Taxation Solutions is dedicated to providing tax and bookkeeping assistance to the truck drivers of America!

How much did we save one client?

When the IRS says that you owe enough in back taxes and tax debt to buy a new Bentley Mulsanne, you should get the best help you can.

Tax Fraud Vs Negligence

What is the difference between a tax evader and a taxpayer who made a mistake?

IRS Audit

An IRS Audit is a stressful thing. But it doesn't have to be. Let us help you with the IRS.

Client Testimonial

Another testimonial from a satisfied client of Taxation Solutions!

Four Good Money Moves for 2013

Some helpful advice that will save you money this year.

How to deal with the IRS when they come knocking.

It is easy to feel helpless when you receive that letter in the mail from the IRS saying that you owe money for back taxes or threaten with a lien placed against your property. But, as a taxpayer remember: you do have rights! Here are two great tips of what you should do if the IRS says you owe back taxes. DON'T PANIC! What would be the first thing you would do if you got a letter from the IRS saying you owed let’s say $50,000 in back taxes? The normal and probable answer would be to PANIC! Panicking is a normal response, however panicking leads to rash decision making which is never a good thing. Stay calm and realize this: Just because the IRS says you owe a certain amount doesn't mean you actually do. TAKE ACTION Procrastinating is by far the easiest way to have the IRS take your savings, garnish your paycheck or even take your home. The IRS is the biggest collection agency in the country and has far more reach than just posting something to your credit report. If you...


The first step to preparing for unemployment

Tips to improve and protect your credit score.

What can you do to improve your credit score.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Read what just some of our satisfied clients had to say about Taxation Solutions. We help with back taxes, IRS relief and IRS audits in Houston,Texas!

Evening With Rick Santorum

Senator Rick Santorum spent an exciting evening on the campus of Houston Baptist University.

Barry G. Fowler is a Trendsetter.

Taxation Solutions Founder Barry Fowler has been featured as one of America's Premiere Experts Trendsetters in INC Magazine.

Taxation Solutions to Sponsor Rick Santorum Speaking Engagement

Tax resolution expert Barry Fowler and Taxation Solutions are excited to be sponsoring a speaking event featuring former U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Rick Santorum

Did someone file before you with your SS#

Are you still looking for your refund!  A lot of the identity theft in the news involves defrauding lending institutions by using Social Security numbers and other identifying information to open up credit cards or take out loans, thieves have also figured out how to get your tax refund before you. By using your personal information to file a return early in the tax season, the thief might just beat you to your own refund. IRS may be the one to tip you off – it is alerted to possible fraud when more than one tax return is filed using the same Social Security number, or a report of wages is filed from an employer that the taxpayer claims never to have worked for." These days Tax refund theft is a lot more widespread than most people know,” said Barry Fowler, EA, an enrolled agent in Houston, TX. “People never knew that someone has filed a return using their name and information until their e-filed return is rejected with an error code stating that they have...