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Bookkeeping Services for Truck Drivers

In February 2013, Taxation Solutions partnered with the OOIDA (Owner Operator Independent Driver Association) to better assist truck drivers in need of IRS tax relief. Taxation Solutions has added bookkeeping to its list of services that it offers to professionals in the trucking industry.

“We realized that the best way to prevent the owner operators and independent drivers from dealing with the IRS is to not only do their taxes, but also assist them in the management of their bookkeeping. Keeping proper expenses and filing tax paperwork can be daunting for anyone. Small mistakes to a taxpayer are huge mistakes to the IRS. We want to help those who are suffering from the IRS and this service is geared to help truck drivers’ deal with the IRS. One of the biggest reasons truck drivers have an IRS issue is because they are on the road and miss filing their taxes or file their paperwork incorrectly.”Barry Fowler, Enrolled Agent and Founder of Taxation Solutions.

If you are a truck driver in need of assistance with an IRS issue, call our dedicated truck driver tax relief number: 888-997-2215