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Four Good Money Moves for 2013

With the 2% payroll tax back into effect (Insert link here), many Americans are going to see a drop in their paychecks for 2013. I wanted to share with you 4 good money moves you should start using.

Have a spending plan.

Create a monthly budget for your finances and stick to it! Nothing adds to financial stress more than going over your budget each month.

Resist the urge to buy “unneeded necessities”.

Retail businesses are in the business of getting you to spend your money.  Many people spend money on what are “luxuries” not “necessities”.

Save money.

Do you have a rainy day fund? Remember the adage “when it rains, it pours.” If you have read rule number 1, then you can budget a certain amount to save.

Beware of the “spending increase”.

As we get promotions, raises or have finally paid off lingering debts, we tend to spend more money instead of saving. Be very aware of your spending habits.  Simply having more disposable income, doesn’t necessarily mean it should all be disposed.