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IRS Audits Houston TXEven the most compliant taxpayer would be set on edge by the prospect of a tax audit, but it doesn't have to spell disaster. Sure, a tax audit can be intimidating, but with Taxation Solutions, Inc. on your side, your tax audit will be simple, straightforward, and stress free. We offer complete tax audit representation to help ensure your papers are in order and you're ready to face the auditor. As your one-stop shop for tax resolution services, we provide you with comprehensive tax audit representation in addition to our other services designed to address your IRS tax problems. At Taxation Solutions, Inc., we'll assist you with organizing your personal or corporate finances and presenting the facts to the IRS auditor. We're here to tell you that tax audits don't have to be the end of the world. If you want your experience to be uncomplicated and without the hassle, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is your answer for honest, reliable IRS tax audit representation.

The staff at Taxation Solutions, Inc. is composed of a licensed tax attorney and several enrolled agents. This means that we have unlimited practicing rights before the IRS and can represent any client on any tax matter before any administrative level of the IRS, including in tax courts. Our enrolled agents have passed a comprehensive, three-part exam and must adhere to stringent ethical standards. In addition, our enrolled agents are required to complete a minimum of 72 hours of continuing education courses every two years. That means you can rest assured that whether you end up working with our tax lawyer or one of our licensed enrolled agents, we have the most up-to-date knowledge of both state and federal tax regulations and are capable of providing you with expert representation at every step of the tax audit. There are numerous elements that can trigger IRS audits, from missing information to a large number of itemized deductions. As well as representing you throughout the IRS auditing procedure, the professionals at Taxation Solutions, Inc. can review your financial history and alert you to any tax issues that may put you at risk for a tax audit in the future.

While only approximately 2% of all taxpayers are selected for an IRS audit, Taxation Solutions, Inc. knows how incredibly stressful and serious IRS audits are for those who are selected. Our team of tax audit specialists in Houston will help guide you through the entire IRS auditing process from start to finish, from compiling necessary evidence to demonstrate tax code compliance to negotiating offer in compromise claims and other options for tax resolution and settlement. Tax issues can be very difficult to deal with, but you needn't go it alone. If you've received an IRS audit notice, don't hesitate—contact Taxation Solutions, Inc. for IRS tax audit representation, tax resolution services, and more!

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