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IRS Tax Penalties

If you have recently underpaid your taxes, or if you are filing delinquent returns, you may be subject to a multitude of fees and fines that are designed to encourage tax compliance, and to punish those who do not abide by the tax codes. When you consider that there is a fine for late filing and a separate tax penalty for underpayment, it becomes easy to see how devastating and overwhelming these tax penalties can be, especially in the case of someone who has fallen behind on their taxes due to a pre-existing hardship. If you are facing tax liens, or another type of tax penalty due to owing back taxes, Taxation Solutions, Inc. can help you find IRS tax relief. From negotiating an IRS installment agreement to having an IRS wage garnishment released, we have a number of options for addressing steep tax penalties. To learn more, call or e-mail us today.

With over 40 years of combined experience, the staff at Taxation Solutions, Inc. is well-versed in both state and federal tax regulations, and we can negotiate with the IRS or local tax authorities on your behalf to have tax penalties reduced, or revoked altogether. Some of the most common types of tax penalties and repayment tactics employed by the IRS include:

  • Tax liens: An IRS tax lien is a tax penalty leveraged against your property (typically vehicles and real estate) in order to secure payment for the tax debt you owe. Tax liens can appear as public record and will show up on your credit report, so the consequences of an IRS tax lien can be far-reaching, preventing you from buying new property, obtaining a loan, or even opening a bank account in the future. The tax penalty specialists at Taxation Solutions, Inc. will use our expertise to negotiate on your behalf in order to have the tax liens reduced, or withdrawn altogether. To learn more, contact us to speak with our licensed tax attorney or one of our enrolled agents.
  • IRS garnishment of wages: When you owe a tax debt, the federal tax authorities are authorized to make automatic deductions from your wages in order to cover the amount owed. IRS wage garnishments can add up to 25% of your weekly disposable income, which can end up being a pretty major chunk of your wages. For individuals already experiencing financial hardship, this type of tax penalty can be completely devastating, as it infringes on your regular budget and your ability to pay routine bills. If you are struggling to cover your living expenses due to IRS garnishment of wages, contact the professionals at Taxation Solutions, Inc. We can negotiate an alternative solution with the authorities, such as an IRS installment agreement, allowing you to access your full paycheck while repaying your debt.
  • IRS tax levy: If you owe a significant tax debt, you may receive a notice informing you of an impending IRS tax levy against your property. A levy is a type of tax penalty that allows for the legal seizure of your personal property in order to facilitate the repayment of a tax debt. Levies can be placed against almost anything, from vehicles to real estate to bank accounts. If you have received a summons indicating an impending IRS tax levy, time is of the essence in order to protect your personal assets. Don't hesitate to act—contact the tax penalty specialists at Taxation Solutions, Inc. right away. We will put our knowledge and expertise to work for you, negotiating an IRS installment payment or other alternative so that you can effectively manage your debt without losing the things that are valuable to you.

No matter the type or severity of your tax penalties, you can count on Taxation Solutions, Inc. for comprehensive tax relief. We will review your financial records in order to determine which options best meet your personal needs while allowing you to repay your debt. Once we have a clear picture of your situation, our team will develop a custom IRS tax settlement to present to the authorities. Whether you are facing IRS wage garnishment, an IRS tax levy, or a series of tax liens, our professionals can help. Contact us by phone or e-mail to learn more about how Taxation Solutions, Inc. can help you manage your tax penalties.

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